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“I had a chance to get on the schedule to see Betty Murray the nutritionist. I was very impressed. I graduated from college with a degree in Biochemistry and I am convinced she knows more biochemistry than I ever knew. I cant wait to hear more about genetically modified foods that she has promised to teach me. Ive always had my suspicion about those.”
John R.
“She explained my test results with patience, layman’s terms, insight, and helpful analogies. She knows her stuff. I want to use natural supplements rather than antibiotics to reach a balanced state, and this practice supports this whenever possible. I was tired of physicians saying “test results are normal/abnormal”, without explaining a thing – most importantly – even seeming offended if I asked a question. Also, I respect a health professional who recognizes the importance of the body’s reactions to stress reflected in lab numbers. I will continue working with the nutritionist to take my health to the max!”
Carol C.
” I want you to know that you have changed my life so significantly in so many ways – especially helping me reverse my IBS and allowing me to travel and live without worry about my digestion”.

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